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Corporate Policy
Siam sun autosales co., Ltd.

We are the importer and distributor of heavy machines

And heavy machines that is global brands.

Consist of heavy machine under the name of XGMA, also the vehicle and machine for using in the ware house, Forklift under the brands as HANGCHA, HELI and JAC. Also, the aerial work platform is Skyjack from Canada and we are the distributor of genuine spare parts of SANY. Moreover, we were improved the integrated service as the global standard for support consumer both in industry and agriculture in every country.

We have the policy for support consumer to receive the worthy heavy machines to investment so, we determine to provide the genuine product for investment too. Our product will be considerate by engineers and it is the global standard product.

Spare parts and service are the thing that we concentrate too by we were plan to separate spare parts into three terms First is consumable spare parts, second is consumable spare parts in the middle term and finally is consumable spare parts for replacement for support customer to use the heavy machine run a business without barrier. Moreover, we concentrate about the preventive maintenance for the long term to using such as maintenance in every 250 hours for forklift and 500 hours for heavy machine. In the service department all of customer will get the cozy welcome from our service teams that determine to support customer in every branch’s service station. Our employees ready to support and service to every customer for the speedy maintenance and precision for maintenance moreover, we are selected the expert engineer that they were taught and trained both in technical and practical part. And we have the high-technology tool and global standard spare parts moreover, we have the special warranty for customer is 1 year warranty or 2,000 hours for heavy machine. For create the confident to customer and create the believable to customer in the high-quality of our heavy machine and worthiness of our product. We ready to become the one alternative company for every consumer to support to make their business steady grow up and success.

” The Siam Sun Company has been certified ISO 9001:2015 “